I love to read. Books will always be my favorite, but I do enjoy a good blog/online magazine now and again. 

Below are some of my favorites, divided into categories for your convenience.

If you want to take the nerd quotient to an even more intense level, you can check out my Goodreads bookshelves.

And if you ever need a book recommendation--of any kind--feel free to email me. 

If you want to look at pretty pictures of cute outfits...
          Atlantic-Pacific         Pink Peonies

If you want life advice/inspiration from women who could easily be your friends...

Verily Magazine     Arleen Spenceley   Blessed Is She 

If you want to read NOT annoying blogs by smart, holy women who are also moms...
Carrots for Michaelmas   Catholic All Year    Jackie&Bobby

Swimming in the Dark (Simcha Fisher's blog)

If you want to learn more about your faith...

Held By His Pierced Hands   Word on Fire   Shameless Popery  

Community in Mission (aka Msgr. Charles Pope's fantastic blog)