#jalowaytothealtar Top 10 iPhone photos

Hi friends! Kristian and I are back from our honeymoon (!!!) and I'm trying to catch up on all of the blog posts I've promised people. I'll start off with an easy one: my favorite iPhone photos from the wedding. They're not the same as the high-quality  professional photos I should be getting back in a week or so (and yes, there will be a separate post for those), but I love that my dear friends and family took them. You definitely get a sense for how beautiful, joy-filled, and graced 12/29/16 was. Kristian and I both agree that the entire day was a sacramental sign of God's overwhelming love for us. 

Photos in order:

1. With my bridesmaids at my parents' house, about to leave for the church. 2. Details (shot with an iPhone that has a special attached lens). 3. Genuflecting before my King when I arrived to the chapel. 4. Pure joy. 5. Embracing/weeping with my dear friend Keri (who also got married in her 30s) after the nuptial Mass. 6. Kristian and me with my bridesmaids/dryads in our amazing floral crowns by Petals, ink. 7. Getting ready to enter the ballroom with my husband in a totally Anne-of-Green-Gables-approved ensemble. 8. We had a LOT of kiddos at our wedding, but there was plenty of green space and lots of sticks to play with. 9. I loved having a sweetheart table; Kristian and I actually got to eat! 10. The perfect end to the most magical day of my life (so far). Deo Gratias.