Be Your Own Wedding Planner: The Details

Ah, details. While some brides may not relish in planning the little things, I had a blast doing so. My favorite part was, not surprisingly, the floral consultations, but I enjoyed being part of the design process for all of the other details as well. I can't recommend  Petals, ink. or Sweet Treets Bakery highly enough. A few notes about what I did/didn't do that may be helpful to any of my bride-to-be readers out there: 

1. All-white bride's bouquet. 

Originally, I wanted one of those trendy, huge, color-rich bouquets because, well, I love flowers. However, I noticed that in all of the photos I saw of brides who had bouquets like that, all I noticed in the photos was the bouquet. I wanted my eye to be drawn to the people in my photos and not to my flowers, so I went with an all-white bouquet. Gretchen at Petals, ink. did a fantastic job of making my bouquet gorgeous, sweet-smelling, and just the right size.

2. Low centerpieces. 

I've been to many weddings and seen many centerpieces in the past decade, and one thing I've learned is that low centerpieces are my favorite type. The huge, high, fountain-like centerpieces are beautiful and impressive, but for our space and crowd, I liked the low, whimsical-meets-romantic arrangements that Gretchen created. 

4. Flower crowns vs. bouquets. 

Originally, I intended to go with the typical bouquets for my bridesmaids, but when my sister Elisa told me that she'd love to have a flower crown to wear to the reception, I decided to buck tradition and just go with crowns all around. I'm so glad I did, because they were about the same cost as the bouquets, look fantastic in the photos, and the girls had a blast wearing them. I still have the wreath I wore hanging on my bedroom wall and can't wait for Elisa's wedding this summer when I will get to rock a flower crown. 

5. Why a groom's cake? 

This is a Texas/Southern tradition that some of my readers may not be familiar with: typically, the groom chooses a cake based on one of his hobbies, his alma mater, etc. It's nice for guests to have another cake flavor option, especially if you have kiddos who may not be excited about your apricot-lavender tier on the bride's cake. ;) 

6. When in doubt: candles, candles, candles. 

If you're trying to save money on flowers/centerpieces, a good way to do that is by incorporating candles into your decor. I love the tea lights and votives that Petals, ink. used to accent the floral centerpieces. They made everything feel more cozy and elegant. 

That's all she wrote (for now)! In the next post, I'll be sharing how I planned an elegant family-friendly reception, with over 50 kids under ten in attendance! 

All photos by the uber-talented Leah Muse Photography.